Dr. Ann K Johnson

Certified Philosophical Counselor

12 years experience working with people struggling with trauma from violence, relationship, professional, and life issues

Currently offering online counseling sessions

Do you know how many people struggle to articulate their human struggles, traumatic experiences, personal, professional, and spiritual crises, leading to confusion, frustration and feeling lost on the journey of life?  Well I help people come to terms with these difficult experiences by providing a nonjudgmental holding space where the dark pieces of yourself and your experiences can exist without fear, so that such darkness may become the fertilization of growth and movement into greater self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-realization, and authenticity.

Having extensive training in Philosophy, Ethics, and Trauma Research, I have helped clients achieve greater well-being through intensive reintegration of the fragmented self consequent difficult experiences that leave the system overwhelmed. My training has been supplemented by my own journey through trauma and its self-sabotaging system, causing emotional and physical dysregulation. I am deeply aware of the kind of courage it takes to confront hard experiences in an effort to transition in the pain and fear that will always arise in the battle to find one’s true self.

I am a Philosophic Practitioner providing Philosophic Counseling for individuals who are experiencing difficulty in processing the complexities of life situations, triggering events, and moral dilemmas.

I believe that clients can solve their own problems through the aid of another person skilled in dialogic and/or dialectical engagement, reflective practice(s), and the willingness to uncover and confront assumptions, ideas and attitudes that may undermine basic well-being and flourishing.  I enjoy working with people who are willing to dig deep into inquiry, tackle issues head-0n, and appreciate honesty and creativity.

It is my belief that not all problems are only psychological in nature and it can be fruitful to have someone help navigate through engagement with the big questions of life that confront us everyday.  Flourishing is a sign of excellence because excellence is a sign that, even in difficulties, our life can still be of real quality.

I earned my PhD in Philosophy at SUNY, Binghamton and acquired my Primary Certification in Client Counseling from the American Association of Philosophic Practioners (APPA).    I also have an MA in Communication and Philosophy.

The Arete Center for Excellence, LLC. is a company intent on continued development of practices promoting excellence (arete), providing tools for clients to live flourishing lives.

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