Services and Rates

Dr. Ann K Johnson

(208) 407-7092


My approach to Philosophic Counseling can be described as direct, compassionate, and fearless. I am not afraid to hold difficult space with people and I find that this attribute and skill reflects my openness to learn from others through depth of observation, empathic listening, and ability to connect and relate with people as the human beings they are. I strive to clearly communicate and foster both self-challenge, personal courage, and a sense of safety with my clients as they navigate their individual and relational struggles.

As a client, you can expect me to facilitate your personal and relational growth goals, enhancing your communicative clarity, and connection to your own life.

I see people as involved in unique experiences and shaped by important family and social contexts. I am very aware of people’s diverse heritages and how our experiences in the world can come with their own sets of obstacles and advantages.

Rates for Individual and Couples Consultations:

Free 30 minute initial consultation (individual and couples)

$100 for initial evaluation session (individual and couples); 60 minutes

$150 for standard counseling session for individual or $200 for couples; 60 minutes

$75 for ½ hour session individual; $100 for couples

$200 for 1 ½ hour session individual or $250 for couples

Sliding Scale is an available option upon request and as determined by need.

Counseling Sessions are done through Zoom.


I do offer speaking and group processing in person through one’s organizational venue and location. These services are negotiated in price based on what one is wanting specifically. You may peruse my brochure for more details about these services. My speaking and group processing focus on Trauma in relation to violence and first responder experiences.



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