Individual and/or couples consultations may focus on any or all of the following possible issues, though this list in not exclusive:

Ethical Foundations and Dilemmas

The Development of Character, The Nature of Agreements,  Standards, Expectations, Values, Roles and Responsibilities, Ethical Vision and Communication, Critical Decision-making in Dilemma Situations

Traumatic Experience

Philosophic Inquiry into Traumatic Experience, featuring Holding Space for the Difficult Questions, Conflicts, Sabotaging Behaviors, Pain, Fear, and Dysregulating Features of the Self through Mind and Body

Epistemic Frames and Topographies

Uncovering the Frames and Subjective Maps that Shape Understanding of Issues and Inform Action

Pragmatic Implications

The Auspicious and Inauspicious Implications of Human Social Immersion in Practice and Action

Somatic Conditioning

The Sensory, Perceptual, and Physical Conditions that Aid Attunement with Environment, Functioning, and Human Relationships and Connections

Critical Underpinnings

The Grievances, Injustices, or Systemic Blindsights and Prejudices that May Hinder Growth, Relationships, Agreements, and Communication


How the Above Inquiries Condition and Shape Self-Understanding and Understanding of One’s Place in the World

Rates for Individual and Couples Consultations:

Free 30 minute initial consultation

$120 for initial evaluation session; 60 minutes

$95 for follow up session(s) for individual or $105 for couple; 60 minutes

$45 for ½ hour session

$145 for 1 ½ hour session

Sliding Scale is an available option upon request and as determined by need.

Consultation Sessions may be done face-to-face, through Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.