Why Philosophic Counseling?


You may have come to the realization that the avenues where you have searched for answers have come up short for various reasons, that they consisted in too many platitudes, oversimplifications, and/or diagnoses that do not address the root problem.

If you are someone who needs to dig deeper to get at the essence of problems and don’t have anywhere to turn to get honest, direct, evaluative, reflective, depth of insight or dialogue, then philosophic counseling is for you.

If you are someone that feels alienated from conventional methods of addressing crises because they do not offer quality depth and connection, then philosophic counseling is for you.

If you are concerned with the relationship between your values and worldview, then philosophic counseling is a place you can find a dialogue to hash out those concerns that inform the rest of your thinking and practices.

If you have looked for the various ways to approach a problem, but find they all come up short for some reason but can’t quite clarify why, then philosophic counseling is for you.


Because Philosophic Counseling features an emphasis on deep processes of reflection, examining why we hold the values, beliefs, opinions and feelings we hold crucial to our self-understanding and well-being in relationships.  Philosophic Counseling can also aid you in understanding how cultural influence shape these things as well.  Philosophy aids in solving or managing everyday problems whose cultural imprint may require illumination and clarification. Finally, Philosophical Counseling training presents the skills of looking at the essence of issues or problems, thus getting to the source rather than just “fixing” the surface presentation of life problems. It uses creative problem solving that measures the complexity of viewpoints and experiences, facilitating broader thinking and unique solutions. Creative problem-solving brings up questions concerning the complex and overwhelming events of our lives, providing new frames through which to investigate problems.


Because it can create clarity on yourself as the unique expression and outlook on life that you are.

Because it aids in learning new skills one may use to navigate life’s murky waters.

Because it is able to link one’s thinking to one’s actions that helps to create better connections with oneself and others.

Because it is suited to the seeker and aligns with the notion of the seeker’s internal ability to investigate, problem-solve, and tune into one’s varied personal resources.


Let’s be honest, we all want something valuable to come from anything in which we invest our time.  What you will be receiving given your efforts if you choose to pursue Philosophic Counseling.

  • A greater sense of your own analytical abilities
  • Someone to help you reflect and problem-solve
  • Facilitation of your natural curiosity and need to know
  • Emotional and mental clarification
  • Assistance with personal crises, obstacles, and autonomy
  • Understanding and active facilitation of one’s thoughts and their relation to action
  • Development and clarification of the fullness of your world view
  • Critical intervention of difficult life experiences and life disrupting events
  • Facilitation with decision-making and personal moral dilemmas
  • Foundation for addressing unhelpful behavior
  • Practices toward the conditions of flourishing in life
  • Development of character and self-realization
  • Imaginative thinking
  • Cultivation of virtue
  • The art of asking questions
  • Building objective capacities through perspective-taking
  • A disciplined mind
  • A new attitude toward uncertainty, an understanding of grief, and an appreciation for the art of living
  • A refreshing take on the human condition and social issues


If you are frustrated with your prior attempts at addressing personal and relational struggles and are ready to invest in your self-development, then book an appointment today.


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